Sulaiman – Thank You

The album introduced “Black Ribbon, Hard Work!”…has been out for a minute and completely overlooked it..It’s like lave spewing out your speaker type ish….So better late than never and you can say gotta save the best for last…Track entitled “Thank You” is too all the people who inspire us too keep going in life..Sending a warm dedication WIB Steez!.Flow and beat slappin a cheek….Ghea!..Cop the album support the heat and bang this!…Hailing from Chicago’s south side,MC “Sulaiman” has written, produced, and performed for over 12 years. “Sulaiman” is a jack of all trades and ambassador to all listeners. That congeniality, combined with great music, great reputation, and an intense work ethic makes listening to Sulaiman’s work a necessity.


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