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I hadn’t checked in with Ritmo Sportivo since before christmas, so apologies for the overdueness of the post. They are a mega-fresh label though, one I really respect similar to Project: Mooncircle; quite left field but definately in the realms of Hip Hop with mad soul, forward thinking, original.

After 2 years in the game and after 12 different releases, Ritmo Sportivo collective proudly presents for you this free compilation. Initially started like community & platform for enthusiasts and black music lovers, at this moment we have grown up to the record label and team of 10 young producers from Russia, Germany & Netherlands, each of whom with his own signature sound. So now we can surely say that we are more than just a team, we are the one united music family. Family, which will continue to give you the music which caused your heart beating a little more often.

Dope. And make sure you check out their mixes too. You can find them on their website.


Ritmo Sportivo: Website


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