Maxx Julian – Friendly Skies

Maxx Julian – Iraq/Iran

This is the new album from one of my favorite producers in Hip Hop, Maxx Julian. I believe that this album is an extremely personal work of art. “Intro” prepares the listener to enter the universe of a man, battling conflicting and opposing forces to succeed. “The Friendly Skies” seems to sketch the path that this man walks through each day of his life. The sample loop is both melancholic and motivating, reminding me of my younger days before innocence was lost. “The Alarm” sounds like a percussive chase scene through waking thoughts. Dreams running back and forth across the eyelids and chin, chased by the electronic pulsing of an awake and demanding metropolis. “Iraq/Iran” is dangerous and fun, definitely best when played loudly. “Motor City Knights” is most definitely the joint. You know, the joint that if you absolutely MUST freestyle the illest rhymes ever, this would be the beat for it. “Astro Black” creates the perfect atmosphere for introspection. So many seemingly unrelated sounds are delicately woven together to create an extremely comfy dreamland.
My words are bias. I’ve been a fan of Maxx for quite a while, but each new release sets the bar higher. I hope you all make and take time to integrate this album into your live

The Write Up By – Sincere Vega



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