Lyle Horowitz – Ridiculous Ft. Deniro Farrar & Big Pooh

Lyle Horowitz – B-43 (Feat. Lewis)

Lyle Horowitz – Caged Heart

Beautiful work by Lyle Horowitz…based on his previous releases, nothing less is to be expected.

I started Redamancy on Valentine’s Day 2011 during a bus ride back to New York from North Hampton, Massachusetts. I plugged my laptop into the power outlet and created the first draft of “B-43”, which is now the album closer. A big part of why this project means so much to me is because of the circumstances that led to me creating it and what I learned about myself and others after those circumstances occurred. Although the impetus for this album was a break-up, this is not a break-up album, at least not entirely — Redamancy explores love and heartbreak from all sides and the effects it has on those that go through it. This is a truly personal body of work and I hope that you enjoy it. – Lyle Horowitz


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