LuWees – Lampin

LuWees – Isley

LuWees – Roberta Flack

Mad talent coming outta Seattle..Mc by the name of “LuWees”…Rippin’ well known beats to shreads..also composers handling “The Couch” project are Kaytradamus (“Your Gf’s Extra Pair of Panties,” “The Almighty,” “Roberta Flack”), Panama Red (“Things You Like”), Cold Legistics (“Time Bump”), Tony Walker (additional instrumentation for “A Stop At Willoughby”)..Worth every second of listening pleasure…Seattle Stand Up and Salute the Man!…Dope ish!It’s the start of good things – Peace to the Gods. I want to thank the LORD and everyone who has ever taken a few minutes out of their time to listen to my tunes – all love. I want to thank my family who helped me out on this great beautiful journey, and I when I say family – y’all know who you are. I want to continue to thank everyone who has ever shown me love because you understand where I’m coming from and where I want to go. I appreciate every retweet, every fowarded email, every blog post, every dm, every phone call, every voicemail, and every smile.
All love, Peace to the Gods.
Luis Vela





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