Kil Ripkin – S.H.E. prod. DJ Tommy Tom

Kil Ripkin – I Remember Now prod. Raticus feat. Deo Soul


KIL RIPKIN is poised to adjust the frequencies with yet another masterfully crafted musical gift with his “Medicine for Mommy”. Having re-emerged from a brief musical hiatus with the release of his well received soundtrack for the paradigm shift “The Quickening Vol.1” (November 2010);  “The Godian” has been fine tuning more lyrical healing for the masses; this time with an emphasis on Wombman. “Medicine for Mommy” is a tribute to the divine feminine aspect of creation. According to RIPKIN, this project is necessary because, “it’s a healing the world needs; the woman must take her rightful place back in alignment with the universe”. Consisting of five songs, each specifically attuned; this project fills a void and creates a balance concerning how Wombman has been typically addressed and referenced both musically an


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