Jonwayne – Lotus Bootleg

Jonwayne – Stacking Corpses

Jonwayne – whatarewegonnacallit (feat. Zeroh)

Drop by Stones Throw’s Jonwayne:

So here is This is False, not so much a pile of songs as it is an executed concept in viewing how our surroundings change our energy and vibrations.  Here, we have two very different ecosystems:  My boy Zeroh’s couch, in which I was using his equipment in his setting, with him in the room at all times, and my bedroom, where I was by myself and using my own equipment in my own environment and on my own time.  I can definitely hear a difference and found it interesting, so I decided to share it with you guys.

Jonwayne I think originally made his name as a producer. So it’s kinda funny now he’s tearing it apart as an MC. Dope to see some Zeroh on here as well who is one of the most unique MCs I’ve ever heard and deserves as must exposure as he gets.

So check previous posts on Jonwayne here, have a look at previous mentions of Zeroh here, annnddd…


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