Intalek – Celebration prod. by EOM

The Cookout ft. Dicap, Millz, Kartel Kobain, Michael Millions prd. OhBliv!

Intalek – These Three Words prod. by Jansport J

New mixtape by Virginia Beach’s own mic-rocker Intalek. Featuring beats by VA’s finest beatsmiths: Judah, EOM, Markfader, OhBliv!, Hannibal King, 6th Sense!, Kartel Kobain, Jansport J, Mike Finito.


Intalek links up with the good folks at to release his 7th mixtape effort “HelloSpaceWorld2” which sticks to the premise of the first “HelloSpaceWorld” released back in 2008, highlighting his favorite beats from up-and-coming producers along with original work.

The 11-track mixtape has the feel of an EP, while still keeping it grassroots and flowing as a mixtape-cassette style tape.

With features from an all-star Virginia hip hop line-up, “HelloSpaceWorld2” is definitely a lyrical and respectable journey from an ever-growing artist.

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