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Alright last week I dropped a bit of fire for you all which was pretty well received, and by coincidence someone sent on this album to me which is also produced by SiFunk & Garmunkle, it’s pretty nice too. It’s over a year old but SiFunk & Garmunkle seem pretty popular (this Illustrate dude isn’t bad either) so enjoy!

Having little to do with the use of steroids, Back On The Juice is the corrupted brainchild of Illustrate himself. Sure to be one of the more entertaining albums of the summer. For those who appreciate hip-hop, these humorous and satirical tales will certainly tantalize listeners, leaving them quite entertained.

Illustrate’s debut album, Back On The Juice, features The Look; a story about a Larry David-like character attempting to live the same nightlife as 50 Cent or Kanye, only his experiences aren’t quite the same as theirs. Additionally, Illustrate teams up with Brooklyn’s own Fresh Daily on Take ‘Em Down, and Strictly Business on Break Your Heart, both of whom provide dynamic lyricism over chunky beats. Featuring the sounds of mad beat scientists SiFunk & Garmunkle, and the mastering touches of the illustrious BENAMIN, Back On The Juice is sure to penetrate your ears with force.


Illustrate: Bandcamp

SiFunk & Garmunkle: Myspace


Cheers to Mariel for the heads up!

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