Eagle Nebula – Waiting…

Eagle Nebula – LoveBombs

Dope EP “LoveBomb” from Inglewood’s finest, Eagle Nebula produced by Daru Jones. If you missed her debut album back in ’08 “Cosmic Headphones”, get on the case quick-fast.

“A Lovebomb is a random act of kindness, mainly dropped to change up the energy of a place or situation. This 4 song EP is my LoveBomb on the world, on the internet, in every industry, and in your life!
*I hope y’all enjoy it! It’s packed with Cosmic goodness!* Do something good today…drop a LoveBomb on your crew, tell your homies! Smile at someone on the street, say something positive to someone you love.”

Eagle Nebula: Website . Twitter . YouTube


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