Contrast – I am He is We are

Contrast – Popular Demand (Smooth Remix)

It’s that Fresh California Duo…”J.F.K.” and “Customary”….Two dope verbal assasins executing with a keen unique style for the world to listen too…”J.F.K” ascends from southern Califiornia attacking all senses with his style on his word play delivery…Meanwhile “Customary” brings the beats and the rhymes from the great Northwest…The Connection between are factual and indepth bring a refreshing sound thats smooth sailing..Peep out entitled track..”Stay Here (Beat by Sunn God)”..Dope track!..if the other posted tracks don’t do ya justice..Sit down and Chill…Vibe to it and Support the artists….and on a personal note…Our Prayers and Thoughts go out to Japan and tragedys at hand!..


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