Boog Brown & Apollo Brown – Just Be

We posted “The Essence” a few days back…Boog & Apollo Brown are at it again a few days later. This time with “Just Be” the official first single off Boog’s debut album “Brown Study


“The first single off of Brown Study is the sensual “Just Be,” an intimate whisper that floats over Apollo Brown’s shimmering samples and passionate groove, inspiring the intense pleasures of living in the present and savoring every moment. Boog expressed that desire, advising us to “Live in the moment. In all things, intimacy, joy, pain, hurt, loss, gain, triumph. All of that — be in it. Feel it, because it’s the fabric of life. Blink and it’s gone.” Powerful and vibrant lyrics such as “Enraptured in the scent/ This is bliss at length/ From start to the finish/ Euphoric/ Absorbed in the ebullience/ Elegant every sense awakened” meld with Apollo’s sampled soft horns, sweeping strings, and chimes, echoing his thought that “‘Just Be’ is one of those songs that exude passion and feeling. We don’t have a lot of true feeling in the music now days. Emcees and producers shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves exactly how they please.”

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