INO Hidefumi – Spartacus

Embee – Send Someone Away Remix

Another month another compilation!  This one is 17 tracks, 4 Instrumentals and only 1 song from this compilation features on my channel! So i hope i can introduce you to a few new tracks or artists you may have not heard it the past!   As i mentioned before i will be doing a competition soon… I will keep you all updated.  I enjoy making these compilations due to the feedback i get from them and all the messages and comments from so many of you!  Keep them coming!

To any bloggers who want to post this or any other compilation please feel free to.


01. Where… – Laugh
02. I Never Knew ft Substantial Cradle Orchestra
03. Go On ft Aima – Crown City Rockers
04. Dennehy – Serengeti
05. Send Someone Away – Embee ft Jose Gonzales
06. Running out of Time ft The 49ers Incise
07. Sparacus (Live) – INO Hidefumi
08. It’s Time – Nak
09. Like this ft Bambu Rhythm Natives
10. Rooftop ft Tha Connection Marvelous Mag
11. Darkness – Fat Jon
12. Sunlight – Nine Leaves
13. More – Luck-One
14. Shine – 5 Flat and Brownson
15. Where Did the Time Go – Hushd Puppies
16. Until – The Counterparts
17. Ephemeral Lullaby – Reki


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All praise goes to the artists who made the tracks.  As always if your song is featured in here without permission, i apologise, im just trying to introduce people to new artists and new sounds.  The people who download these compilations are real fans, they support artists they go to shows.

Hope you guys like it… drop a comment below, it only takes 5 Seconds – you don’t need to register to say thanks!

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