If you know Damu The Fudgemunk, you know he’s on a first name basis with quality Hip-Hop production.  Public Assembly, the latest release from his independent label Redefinition Records, collects together some of his finest and rarest pieces over the years.

‘Wings Remix’ has the sturdy all-purpose structure that would serve great as the backbone of the next BET cyphers, whereas  ‘Madvillain Revision’ is a sight more complex.  Who knows how many samples are within? A producer of any less skill would likely be unable to overcome their musical synapses firing uncontrollably over the collage of sound; thankfully it becomes something more malleable in Damu’s hands.  ‘Overthrone’ is a personal favourite (also considered by some as a comment on that other Otis Redding sampling song that came out around the time of it’s release) and is a great example of Damu’s knack for re-purposing familiar elements into a progressive end-product.

Public Assembly is out now digitally and on vinyl, cassette tapes and CDs to come soon.

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