Raashan Ahmad – Patience

Panacea – Colorful Storms (Damu The Fudgemunk Remix)

Well another month, another compilation.  If you are new to the site please check out my previous ones here.

This one contains mostly songs that i have not uploaded, so i hope there are many tracks you may not have heard.  Im sorry if i have included a song from a previous compilation, i don’t think i have but its possible as im using a differant computer then usual.  Not all the songs are CDQ but i hope you like them all.

As i mentioned before soon i have to look into the reality of ending my channel something which i really don’t want to do because i like introducing people to new music and i enjoy chatting to you guys but although i have permission for most of my uploads not all labels may know that.  Many artists/labels have thanked me and told me that after i upload one of their songs they sell more mp3s/cd’s, thats not a credit to me but thats a credit to my subscribers, many of you have supported my channel from day one and most of you guys show appreciation and support the artists where possible.

You guys are the reason i don’t want to quit!  Many people reading this may think ‘Its just a youtube channel whats the fuss about‘ and to a extent i agree, i am only a guy who uploads songs to youtube but to many people Im their MTV, their favourite blog, their music supplier.  I get so many messages of thanks from people who have been having a shitty day and a song i uploaded has made them feel better, or from the fan who clicks a video to finds his new favourite artist.  Messages from all over the world, people in there thousands… Its crazy.  I started my channel because i once fell out of love with Hip Hop and i wanted to show people that there is plenty of dope new music being made daily and if only 5 people noticed that then my job was done.  6,703 subscribers later, 2 million + views later and 417 uploads later i guess my job really is done.   But i will see out the year in the hope that my channel too sees out the year and if it does’nt then you can find me here!

Thanks everyone for being a part of the channel, the community (i see so many of the same names commenting on the uploads, so many of the same people having conversations about good music its great to see) and thanks to everyone who sends me emails, messages…etc

Anyway guys sorry to rant!  So without further adue…

01. Spirited Beginning (Nujabes Tribute) – Thomas Prime
02. Beach of life – Specifics
03. Patience – Raashan Ahmad
04. Just Music (Evan Awake Mashup) – Sun Zoo ft Haruka Nakamura
05. Work it out – Grap Luva
06. One Life – Last Emperor
07. L(o)ust – Esbe
08. Rhythm Of The Rain f. Tunji – Kno
09. Chillaxation – BopAlloy
10. Cosa Say – Original Melody
11. Lumiere – Blue Scholars
12. World – Infinito 2017
13. Colouful Storms (Panacea) – Damu The Fudgemunk
14. What You Don’t Kill – Hyder Ali
15. I heard you had a voice – Shad
16. Pick me a part – Knowmads


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All praise goes to the artists who made the tracks.  As always if your song is featured in here without permission, i apologise, im just trying to introduce people to new artists and new sounds.  I mean no harm or offence.
Let me know what you guys think, you don’t need a account to drop a comment in the box below!

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