Genre-bending duo freekind makes their first entry on our site with their new release titled “Bright Light”. The duo made up of eclectic artists Sara and Nina started their group in 2019 when they first collaborated on a single “I’m gonna live”. This propelled them to further their musical relationship with a joint EP not good enough, in 2020. The project served as the major impetus for the duo to take things to the next level as they proceeded to do live band-backed shows and now they are back to where they started with just both parties doing what they love in the studio.

Their latest release “Bright Light” is a feel-good, get-loose summer jam that blends pop, soul, dance and a dash of hip-hop in a seamless manner. The production is bright and is ripe with funky guitar plucks, thick basslines peppered by a head-nodding drum groove and sultry melodic runs that stick in one’s head long after. Overall, the duo is just out to have fun and implore listeners to do the same and not take things too seriously because, well, life is already tough enough, take time out and show yourself some love.


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