Four Limbs a beat maker from Manchester, UK is starting to make a name for himself with his release Jazz Interludes, which is gathering quite a lot of attention amongst the Jazz Hop community.

Jazz Interludes 1: Rushed Imperfections is made of samples from Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Ahmad Jamal Trio, Bill Evans, amongst others.

Very chilled album, for the appreciative Jazz Hop fan. Chill Vibes!

Below a few words from Four Limbs on this album:

I often implement saturators and valve compression emulators to reach a sound that compliments my vinyl sampling. I wanted to not only sample my favourite Jazz artists but to produce as if I was in the studio with them at the time, not that hip-hop was around in the late 50’s that I’m mostly sampling.

I created this EP over the past month, setting myself a goal of releasing an EP after concentrating on making beats for others and collaborating for the past 6 months or so. This helped me create a concise and cohesive product that is worked around creating interesting pieces of music, that evolve throughout the track, moving away from a straight loop format.

I’ve also just entered my final year of uni and am implementing more complex product techniques that I”m developing there; uses of parallel and side-chain compression can be heard – and not in the most conventional of ways. These production techniques are helping me develop a sound that is unique to me and is setting me apart from a lot of beat makers.

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