“Dark Matters” is the newest collaboration between famed UK poet/radio presenter Mr Gee and the Leeds-based experimental production collective known as Fold. Together they deliver a thought-provoking and insightful look at the state of affairs in the modern world we live in. Over the warm, solemn and surreal soundscape comprised of lush textures, rich sound design with dynamic arrangements underpinned by a smooth bouncy groove. Here, Mr Gee shares his candid thoughts on the human experience from a global lens. Lines like

Come see the trauma
Reborn before me
As old battles cling onto
The newly baptised names
Ancient shadows pander
To flickering candles
Smashing each infant corner
Under the rapture of flame

capture the never-ending cycle of struggles we all face and the constant repetition of the past. The song also comes with a befitting visualizer that uses clips from around the globe showing human resilience. From protests, civil unrest, pain, loss and death, viewers get thrown into the mix of the action with this visceral piece.




Fold are also neurodivergent advocates, their founder Seth Mowshowitz is particularly open about his experiences as an undiagnosed autistic adult with two autistic children. This is also reflected in the music which is driven in part by the need to regulate the creators’ own mental and emotional states.

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