It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Solomon – cloudy.

Solomon kicks off this week with a solid entry titled “cloudy”. A laid back mellow jam that blends nostalgic horns, solemn keys over neck-snapping drums. “cloudy” is taken from his EP ‘Behold Lo Fi”
Get the album here



FloFilz – Transit(ions)

FloFilz shares the first teaser from his next project in the form of the single ” Transit(ions)”. The mellow track is inspired by the city of London where FloFilz spends a lot of time in the last 18 months and captures the essence of London life.




Mr. Mugen – Strange.


Mr. Mugen returns to our pages with another solid effort titled “Strange”. He takes Lo-Fi production and merges it with a myriad of instruments ranging from Sax, flute, synth and a mellow piano chord to bring it to a climax.

Get the audio on spotify and iTunes.



Freddie Joachim – Backwards (ft. Natalie Oliveri).

California-native producer Freddie Joachim drops the first single “Backwards” from his upcoming full-length LP ‘Beyond The Sea of Trees’, to be released via Jakarta Records in May 2019. “Backwards”  features vocalist Natalie Oliveri who does some soulful humming on the track. The instrumental once again showcases Joachim’s undeniable proficient in making soul gripping soundscapes. He makes the listener reflect on good times as he blends nostalgia-inducing jazz keys, soothing horns over a solid drum break to bring it all home.

The ‘Beyond The Sea Of Trees’ album will be released in May 2019.




Fold – The Storm.

Fold is a Leeds based collective whose music explores narratives & poetry delivered by the human voice and how these can be woven into their music. The beat they sent in “The Storm” is very cinematic and vibrant from the deep bassline, layered instrumentation and vocals taken from 1940s radio play version of James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon. It’s pretty dark and apocalyptic

The Storm”  is taken from their album ‘We’re the Ones’.



Jøsse – Burn.

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist Josselin Neuenschwander (Jøsse) brings some soulful punch into the mix with his new effort titled “Burn”. A blend of solemn piano chords, mellow vocal samples layered over a smooth drum break. Hit the play button and get familiar.



Cabela and Schmitt – Gentleman’s Choice.

Production duo Cabela and Schmitt share their video game-esque soundscapes in the form of their new instrumental titled “Gentleman’s Choice”. They fuse a minimalistic key progression over a smooth steady rhythm. The instrumental appears on their 5th album ROOT 30. Get it on iTunes.


Caveman the Wise – Heavy Light Engine.

Straight out of Chi-town comes producer Caveman the Wise (Victor French) who brings back that good old funk and soul on his new instrumental titled “Heavy Light Engine”. Hee samples a classic soul loop and flips it in a very unique manner, layering it with deep synths, extra keys and a solid mellow drum to match. The instrumental is his first solo release since moving to California.


Phillip Hamilton – Be Cool, Breeze.


Phillip Hamilton delivers a smooth jazz/hiphop beat he calls “Be Cool, Breeze”. A very solemn and reflective track that showcases the producer’s versatility and musicianship across the board. “Be Cool, Breeze” is taken from a 9 track chill-hop/jazz-hop instrumental Flourish which will be released on the 19th of April.

Get it on Spotify.



SlimYungMan – Syrian Rue.


SlimYungMan help close this week’s instrumental list with a soothing beat he calls “Syrian Rue”. He uses a dreamy., ethereal synth-laced with thick bassline and drums to match. Solid from start to finish.

“Syrian Rue” is taken from his  upcoming album “Over-Thinking, Understanding”


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