Today at 1pm, FOCI will be performing at UC Irvine for the “The Adventure of Discovery” talk, brought to you by TEDxIrvine! This event will be curated by the students who are bringing you talent by the boatloads! Event starts at 1pm, and tickets are available here.

TEDxUCIrvine is an event curated and executed by passionate UC Irvine students.  It was founded on the belief that sharing the knowledge on campus can inspire action throughout the community. Once a year TEDxUCIrvine gives our campus the opportunity to showcase our talents, achievements and ideas on TED’s worldwide platform. We strive to ignite the curiosity, passion, and wonder in the interaction amongst the different disciplines on campus. In the spirit of TED, we aim to find “ideas worth spreading” within UC Irvine and to stimulate dialogue in the greater Irvine community. We are laying the foundation for a collaborative space for UC Irvine’s thinkers and doers. A place where these individuals can utilize their diversity, come together, and bring light to new ideas that foster a different way of thinking.

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