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Flying Lotus’ output has been crazy the past 2 or 3 weeks – that fact that it’s coincided with information about “When The Quiet Comes”, his upcoming LP due out in the beginning of October, is no coincidence. New tracks on his Soundcloud, many many interviews, a single released on Adult Swim in collaboiration with Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy and now Lovers Melt 3, the third installment on the quite exceptional Lovers Melt series.

The Lovers Melt mixes are just jam packed with the best of old school and rare soul,funk  jazz and psycheadelic music, a collection of Flying Lotus’ favourites. This one opens with that Roy Ayers classic and the third track in is the source of one of my favourite 9th Wonder flips (which FlyLo pays homage to if you listen out to it).

Yeah as a side note this is absolutely full to the brim of samples. No real tracklist but you can find many people putting them together via Google. Lovers Melt 2 was an epic coming in at a little under 3 years. This is a bit shorter, at just an hour, but as I say he’s a busy man. And anyway it’s just as good. Don’t complain. Download below.

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