With his album set to drop in a matter of days, Flying Lotus shares these hauntingly beautiful visuals for ‘Never Catch Me’ featuring Kendrick Lamar on vocals. Directed by Hiro Murai, the scene is set immediately, a funeral procession with Flying Lotus in attendance (appropriate considering the LP ‘You’re Dead’ is based around confronting the issues presented and sufferings caused by our inevitable mortality – and we could have been considering Flying Lotus’ own funeral this Summer, as he reveals in this superb interview with Fader) but it evolves in to this genuinely extraordinary metaphor as the two children, bound for the heavens, leave their caskets and run to the exit while Kendrick in the background exclaims “You’re never gonna catch me!”

Watch it, and find details on how to order Flying Lotus’ album You’re Dead on his website. Due out 6th/7th October on Warp Records.

“…it became, ‘Wow, what about the whole journey of death and my own mortality and fears of that, and the people we lost?’”

– Flying Lotus

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