Females are criminally under-represented in Hip Hop. The arts of DJing, breakdancing and MCing are, very obviously, exceptionally macho and male dominated. This isn’t limited to Graffiti either, and it’s possibly never talked about because street artists are fairly elusive and mysterious. Perhaps that can be flipped to help create a fairer environment; the artist is clearly very arbitrary if no one knows, or has a good idea about, who he or she is. What isn’t in doubt is the increase in popularity of street art among women as it becomes more mainstream (as most male dominated things tend to) and Fem Graff, hosted in Barcelona, is a dope graffiti festival limited to ladies only, showcasing the best in Spanish women’s graffiti writing.

There are some dope photos from  GoodFellas and from the event.

(Via TheLondonVandal


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