It’s been a minute since we posted some new Fathom 9, and the brother, just came through with a soulfull mix of his own beats…perfect for a chilled start of a sunday. Over 30 minutes of them chill chill vibes.

Tracklist after the jump

1. Intro/Dirty Drum Salute
2. Radiance Abundant
3. Frosty Gruuv
4. Autumn Eve Stroll
5. El Snap2 (reprise)
6. In My Arms Again (Resting)
7. Sounds of Autumn
8. Rockness Groove (B-Day Jam!)
9. Uhuru Groove
10. Ode 2 Brownie (interlude)
11. Love Jones snip w/Jonezin’ (D’Angelo flip)
12. Make Love/Make Music (JazzJointSoul)
13. City Nite-Life

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