Emerging US-based Fanaka Nation stays true to his African roots and in celebration of that, he shares with us two cuts from his stash that totally exemplify his cultural leanings.

The first cut When I’m OG” featuring Samba Mapagala, sees him flipping a classic sample into a hard-hitting trap vibe. Fanaka Nation also comes through with fiery performances and insightful lyrics that introduce listeners to the beautiful African culture. Fro the fashion, accessories to the dances, he gives newcomers a quick guide through the diverse culture. The video is quite engaging too and captures the theme of the song to the brim with its colorful images and vibrant choreography and set pieces.

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The second cut is his own version of the classic song “Africa” by Toto. He makes use of the anthemic textures and punchy drums to celebrate black people and culture while acknowledging the work we as a people must do in order to bridge the race gap in America (and worldwide)

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