The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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OnDeck – “Catch My Drift” ft. Casa De Baza


Greater Toronto Area-based Lo-fi Hip Hop artist who goes by the moniker OnDeck delivers his new single “Catch My Drift” ft. Casa De Baza. Over a somber and reflective texture, he delivers some relatable and heartfelt rhymes that people can feel.

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Satomaa – “Suffocate”


Indie musician Satomaa makes her entry in our playlist with the sultry and playful track titled “Suffocate.” Over a smooth synth-driven bouncy backdrop, she delivers a sensual melodic flow that is catchy as well.


SHOWTIME RAMON – “Living Legend”

SHOWTIME RAMON embodies the spirit of a “Living Legend” in his new single. Backed by a moody and crunchy boom-bap backdrop, he delivers a stream of consciousness rap ripe with vivid and of the wall lyricism

T Clipse – “UNDERPASS”


Emerging rapper T Clipse makes his entrance in our playlist with his new single “UNDERPASS.” The song details his storytelling skills that blend real-time issues with some bravado to match.

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Mostly George x Shammak x Salie Xander – “City Lights”

“City Lights” is a sublime and soulful collaboration between Mostly George, Shammak, and Salie Xander. It’s a blend of smooth melodic runs, insightful verses over reflective soundscapes.

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Emerging rapper AYEKEW pours his heart in his new single “SEASONS” over a jazz-soul backdrop he takes us deep into his thoughts and what makes him tick.

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Afrado – “Time Flies” (feat. Dorian)”


Afrado links with Dorian for a heartfelt and introspective collaboration titled “Time Flies.” The song sees both emcees showing appreciation for the little things they have rather than fussing over unimportant things.

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J Lyles and Cevi – “Come Home With Me”



Baltimore MD-based duo J Lyles and Cevi caught our ears with this anthemic tune titled “Come Home With Me.” Bolstered by the soulful soundscape, both dive into the concept of loyalty and friendship with their insightful lyrics.

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Moka Only – “Wood Panelled”


Veteran Canadian rapper Moka Only closes out the year with “Wood Panelled”, which is the newest installment in his Martian XMAS 2021. Over a plucky guitar backdrop, Moka Only delivers a vivid and off-kilter performance that displays his OG status once more. ‘Wood Panelled’ is the first single from the new album.


CANYON x Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – “IN THE PAINT”


“IN THE PAINT” is a hard-hitting collaboration between CANYON and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire. Backed by a gloomy piano-driven backdrop the duo proceed to wreak havoc with their distinct styles

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Thorb – “Marvelous Freestyle”

Thorb brings nothing but pure lyricism to the forefront in his new release “Marvelous Freestyle.” Over a bouncy and crips backdrop, he showcases his lyrical biceps for us to rock with.

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888moment x Gusto Mane x Kayrxn – “Foundations”


888moment , Gusto Mane, and Kayrxn team up for this insightful and lyric-dense track titled “Foundations.” The backdrop used here is gloomy and experimental and sees the rappers share their thoughts on real-time issues ranging from socio-political unrest and the plight of black folks in modern-day America.

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Ayo Da Don – “Solitude”

Ayo Da Don takes us on a vivid journey around his neighborhood in his new single “Solitude.” Over a cinematic backdrop, he delivers a solid performance ripe with evocative and graphic lyrics. “Solitude” is the first single off Ayo Da Don”s Super Cruise mixtape.

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Ominous Words – “Sasquatch Status”


Ominous Words brings heavy lyricism to the forefront on his new single “Sasquatch Status.” Over a cinematic and dark backdrop provided by Sixty6 Beatz with cuts by LDontheCUT, he takes listeners deep into his world where things are unpredictable

Ruby Francis – “Disconnect”

UK singer/songwriter Ruby Francis shares a new single “Disconnect” which dives into the concept of being too busy to really enjoy this thing called life. It’s quite upbeat, bright and the lyrics are relatable as well. “Disconnect” is taken from Ruby Francis’s first album Archives, a collection of songs she produced and wrote over the years.

TheFemiFactor – “Smile”

US-based rapper TheFemiFactor is all about the positive vibes in his new single “Smile.” The track is a Playful and romantic piece that details good times with a loved one.

Z.a.c.h – “Afternoon”


Z.a.c.h’s “Afternoon” is a heartfelt and reflective piece that sees him reflecting on his experiences with an old friend. Although the situation started off well, it turned out to be the opposite of what he’d expect. He decided to pour his thoughts on wax for us to feel. “Afternoon” is the third track off his most recent EP Stoop.

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Oliver – “Piano Strings”


“Piano Strings”, the 3rd track taken from Albany, NY-based rapper Oliver‘s debut project Stay With Us. The Richard Stephan produced piano-driven track is as solemn as they come and see him sharing his thoughts on growth, personal loss and the ongoing struggle for Black liberation. Oliver delivers an impassioned performance ripe with vivid lyricism and relatable lyrics to match.

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O P Yeti – “Figure It Out”


O P Yeti shares his first single “Figure It Out” which is a pure display of bravado and a dash of insight. He makes use of a dim and moody punchy boom-bap backdrop to reinforce his statement. This is the first single off his latest EP – Alexander Mackay: The Worst

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Caviar Gabe – “Dope Man”


Caviar Gabe delivers a dark and moody track titled “Dope Man” which sees him detailing a tale of growth and tribulations. It’s reflective and quite vivid.


Fanaka Nation – “Melanin Music”


Fanaka Nation closes out the list with “Melanin Music.” An upbeat and vibrant jam that blends West African vibes with hip-hop sensibilities. The song sheds light on the issue of colorism in and out of the entertainment industry. “Melanin music” is also celebrating black & brown people for being cultural innovators worldwide.

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