Baltimore Maryland raised a multi-talented act that goes by the moniker JahMakesMusic! caught our ears with his new tracks. The emerging act is fully dedicated to his art after overcoming homelessness and personal struggles and has now taken the steps to deliver quality music that will impact the world positively. Two cuts from his arsenal, “Missing Puzzle Piece” and “WHY” is what we have here today so let’s dive into it, shall we?


“Missing Puzzle Piece” is a tale of love, heartbreak, and finding hope after it all. Bolstered by a guitar-laden backdrop, he delivers a smooth alluring melodic run that displays hope. Despite what he has been through, he resorts to being positive through it all. From the catchy melodic performance to uplifting lyrics, he implores us all to use love to find a way out of the doldrums..

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“WHY” is a somber piano-driven backdrop that details the emotions that arise from unrequited love. Jah admits he knew what he was getting into but just had to go through the pain and looking back he nows knows better. The track is quite reflective and relatable in many ways because most of us have been in similar situations one time or the other.

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“Missing Puzzle Piece” and “WHY” are both taken from Jah’s EP titled Love After Heartbreak. The project is built around the concept of love, from falling in completely to heartbreak and slowly drowning in your sorrows leading up to self-realization and subsequent recovery.


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