To me, if you’re going to be down with hiphop, its very important that you know your history and the culture… NOT JUST THE MUSIC. You have to know where it started from, how it came to be, and who were all the important people of the time that contributed to it, and (especially) how the torch is being carried across from one generation to the next. Once you know all of that, then you have to know how much of an impact did it make in other parts of the world…

…which is why this event is special in its own right. This event is about how Vancouver got on the hiphop bandwagon. This event will go on for two days, and on the final day there will be an afterparty after the event. Check out the details down below.

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Raincity Rap: The History of Hip Hop in Vancouver is a ground-breaking event that includes live music, dance, video, panel discussions, networking opportunities and more. We are bringing together a line-up of special guests who have played integral roles in the development of Vancouver’s hip hop scene. From Sol Guy, DJ Flipout and Ndidi Cascade to Jonathan Simkin, Chin Injeti and Red1 of The Rascalz, Raincity Rap will give you an unprecedented opportunity to hear their stories and participate in an interactive panel session with them.

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Miscellaneous Productions:
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Moberly Arts & Culture Centre: website | facebook | twitter 
DJ Flipout:
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Chin Injeti: website | facebook | twitter
Red1 (The Rascalz): twitter
Ndidi Cascade: facebook | twitter
Jonathan Simkin: facebook | twitter

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