Tonight is going to be crazy! The #CovOriginals will be in the place taking over that little spot in Silverlake along with some of Los Angeles’s favorites. Hosted by Project Blowed/Freestyle Fellowship’s Aceyalone, this event will get live and direct, especially if youre looking for some fresh hiphop acts to check out. Features are Ayomari, Sonspot Jonz, and many more. Get here early, because I know the bartenders in the place tonight will be having problems handling the patrons in the house.

Hawdwerk & Jansport J: Hawdwerk (twitter) (facebook) | Jansport J (previous posts) | bandcamp
Sunspot Jonz: website | facebook | twitter
Ayomari: tumblr | facebook | twitter | previous posts
Aceyalone: website | facebook | twitter | previous posts
Badru: facebook | twitter
Pow Shadowz: facebook | twitter
Tommy Blak: website | facebook | twitter
Val the Vandle: facebook | twitter


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