Before I start this play-by-play review, check out our New York coverage of Oddisee’s show by Samantha (click here).

It was my first time back in Santa Monica to check out the new and improved version of the Temple Bar (which is NOW called the Dakota Lounge). I must say first off they did a great job on the inside with a HUGE sliding glass door that divides the bar/restaurant & the main room with the stage in half. From what I’ve remember since the last time I paid the bar a visit, it was much smaller, especially with less room to maneuver through from one side to another, with the roof being slightly low. Just to see that they made this venue more spacious after TWO years since the fire has definitely made the Dakota Lounge a much more pleasant place to check out events at more often! Thumbs up to the owners!

The night at the DL has been awesome with two amazing opening talents Jae Nice & Mic Holden (unfortunately, I didnt get to snap some pictures of Mic Holden). Jae Nice had a huge band behind him, and giving out signs as props for his ‘Represent’ track that he performed (I almost thought he was running for president or something lol). These two heads were definitely crowd pleasers as the crowd applauded them both for their performances… especially the songs they’ve spat.

Thurz has done a great job with hosting the event and keeping the crowd on their feet for anticipation of Oddisee to come hit the stage. There was so many heads in the place, even Rapper Big Pooh & Big Dho was in the place to check out the show!

When Oddisee came out to the stage, I honestly didnt recognize him at all because of the weight loss! The last time I’ve seen him was over 5 years ago when he came out to perform with Kev Brown for BRIDGES at The Derby (see picture). I noticed he didnt have a band with him (although it was reported that he will have one); it was just Oliver Day Soul & Trek Life on the tables. Nonetheless, he didnt need one. With those two behind him, he didn’t really need anything else. Even Oliver got the opportunity to perform solo, which had the ladies melting in the audience.

Besides the fact that he performed tracks from his latest album like ‘You Know Whow You Are’, ‘Ready To Rock’, ‘Anothers Grind’, ‘Thinking Maybes’, the one thing that shocked me was that he performed one of my favorite joints by him and Toine (of DTMD) off the Helpless Dreamer joint (which I had hoped for). Thanks, sir!

It was a great night to be a part of, and I’m anticipating for another return!

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