The Grand Star Jazz Club two weeks ago turned out to be an all-out house party celebrating James Dewitt Yancey‘s birthday. Fans from all over came through to show love and respect, donning the Dilla-esque t-shirts and getting down to their favorite songs produced by the musician. The line outside got really long within the first hour of the show party, and it took an average person at least thirty minutes to get to the door (unfortunately, not everyone got the opportunity to get inside).

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There were two rooms that began to fill up inside the venue. The small room got crowded with folks dancing to various Dilla samples (brought to you by Ben Diggin), while the main room (upstairs) was slowly filling up, as DJs Inka One & Deejay Analog was warming up the set, while waiting for the special guests to arrive. The upstairs room was slowly getting packed when rapper MED started performing Jungle Love, while reciting Guilty Simpson‘s lyrics. The temperature started to rise as more people packed the room (it got so hot, even the walls started to sweat)! It got to the point to where security wasnt allowing anyone from downstairs to ascend to the main room (I stayed my ass there). Yea, it was that crazy.

Maseo was the first person to arrive at the scene. Once he got on the mic to speak, the crowd went rambunctious! He relieved Inka One from turntable duties and took over for a good hour or so, shouting out the emcees that came out to the party (namely Planet Asia and Ras Kass), while having ‘conversations’ with Dilla. If you have ever witnessed Maseo rock a crowd, you would co-sign to say he’s definitely one of the illest DJs in the game right now! You would flip out and go nuts over what his music selection is…

After Maseo finished, Ali Shaheed Muhammad got on and gave his Dilla set a trip around the planet. His set was pretty smooth (for the most part) but awesome to hear for any Dilla fan to check out! His set lasted til the end of the night and people were still wanting more from the ATCQ brethren. Everyone was grooving all night to the tunes and definitely enjoyed themselves. When the event became officially over, you can hear whispers from people boasting about how well they did on their set, especially their favorite parts!

If you want to listen to the recorded session of Maseo & Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s sets (provided by RBMA), you can check them out below:

Maseo: DJ Set at BOOMBOX | twitter
Ali Shaheed Muhammad: DJ Set at BOOMBOX | twitter
Red Bull Music Academy: previous posts
BOOMBOX: twitter


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