Wow, this isnt a SXSW event? Cool!

Look, this is a FREE event, especially for those of you who cant get into any of the SXSW joints! Dont worry about if there’s an RSVP; there is NONE (just get your ass there). What’s special about this event (in my opinion) is that there wont be ANY DJ using SERRATO; its an all-vinyl affair with the 45s, used by popular DJs from across the country, namely those who have been a part of last year’s thre3style battle (shoutout to Red Bull Music Academy)! Meet-up location is at the Hudson On Fifth! Here are the list of participants:

Hudson On Fifth (venue): website | facebook | twitter 
Red Bull Music Academy:
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DJ Expo
(Los Angeles): website | facebooktwitter
DJ E Da Boss (San Francisco): twitter
DJ Platurn (Oakland): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Supreme La Rock (Seattle): website | facebook | twitter
DJ 100 Proof (Seattle): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Jaycee (Atlanta): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Skeme Richards (Philly): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Junior (Philly): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Chorizo Funk (Austin): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Sun (Houston): website | facebook | twitter


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