Evan Awake has blessed us previously with a series of mash up albums over the past two and a half years or so which were simply immense, along with a beat of his or two, even going so far as a collaboration work with UK Producer Breezewax. He hadn’t however released a full solo release. Until now.

Evan has no doubt built up an ear for melody, beat crafting and sampling with the previous projects he’s worked on, and all that work has paid off. Minowa is an album packed with lush samples, strings that’ll play at your heart… strings…, soothing piano riffs, almost Nujabes-esque (one of Evan’s biggest inspiration). It also features collabs with the likes of Zeta, NAK and Solitune, and you can see more of their details on his Bandcamp page (link below as per). Make sure you listen.

[viral-lock]DOWNLOAD ‘Minowa’ HERE[/viral-lock]

Evan Awake: YoutubeBandcamp


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