We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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PAUZK – “Kibonu”

PAUZK is a Germany-based hiphop duo and they caught our ears with their new single “Kibonu”. The track has a feel-good and solemn vibe with its choppy samples, warm basslines and snapping drum grooves to match. “Kibonu” is taken from their new album THE NOW.

Paul Prime, Future Of Lofi – “Curtis”

Hamburg, Germany-based producer/DJ Paul Prime teamed up with Future Of Lofi to bring us “Curtis”, a chilled relaxing tune amde up of airy and atmospheric textures, engaging sound design and sublime vocal effects that weave in and out of the sound tapestry like a looming of phantoms.



SoBe – “Skipping Stones”


SoBe‘s latest release “Skipping Stones” is inspired by his childhood when life was not so complicated and he was free from worries, skipping stones and playing in the rain. The track has a warm texture with its rich guitar arrangement and mid-tempo bounce and solemn pads to boot.


Chad Nathan – “Rivers“.


Indie music producer Chad Nathan gives us a smooth track “Rivers” made up of sombre pads, lush guitar licks and nostalgia-inducing strings. A perfect addition to your study playlist.



The Deli – “93Vibe”


The Deli drops this brilliant beat “93Vibe” for us to share on our playlist. The producer employs a classic boombap drum break and peppers it with dusty basslines, rich xylophone chops and moody textures to match. This track sure takes listeners back to the 90s with its overall nostalgic aesthetic. “93Vibe” is taken from The Deli’s new EP, Night Bumps.


Dumage – “Sunday Evening”.

Dumage brings us some soulful chill-hop sounds in his new release “Sunday Evening” and it’s the perfect relaxation tune that can be meditative as well. The production is crisp, solemn and well-crafted.





Sad Saint – “I’m A Drop In The Ocean”.

Sad Saint‘s “I’m A Drop In The Ocean” is a sublime and reflective track made up of rich guitar plucks, riffs and a sombre pad to boot and the slow groove also adds that extra emotional touch to it.



hushfall – “Things Will Get Easier”


hushfall and steenhoff deliver something refreshing to our playlist in the form of this new release titled “Things Will Get Easier”. The track is solemn, laidback and reflective as they come and it’s ripe with rich piano riffs and atmospheric pads.



Sleepy Slim – “Lazy Moon”.

Sleepy Slim and Tyler.I team up for “Lazy Moon”,a  mellow reflective track made up of soft piano progressions and sombre pads with hushed drums. It’s quite calming and perfect for one’s relaxation playlist.




Tokoname x Starburst Records – “The Beach Pianist”

Tokoname and Starburst Records soothe our soul with “The Beach Pianist”, a smooth piano-driven lofi tune that fits the bill perfectly. The soft keys, atmospheric pads and sparsely arranged drums all gel together like white on rice and help relax us.




Nick Marks – “Between Gigs”

Nick Marks makes his appearance on our playlist with “Between Gigs”, a smooth blend of lofi/soul and jazz-hop. The track is quite engaging from the start as the warm pads, lush keys and head-nodding grooves and dynamic sound design come into play. The fun continues as he throws in some smooth horns and funky synth basslines into the mix. He adds that he wrote the track to provide a positive soundtrack that soothes the soul and encourages listeners to keep their spirits up during those ‘in between’ moments in life; whether that be for a new gig, relationship, test results, or anything similar



Lowgurt Yonders – “Hovercraft”


Lowgurt Yonders offers us the perfect late-night soundtrack in the form of his new release titled “Hovercraft”. The chill-hop track is made up of rich guitar plucks, atmospheric synth pads, warm pulsating basslines and a head-nodding drum groove to match.




The b – roads – “One Way Trip”

“One Way Trip” by The b – roads is a mixed bag of sounds and genres as it takes inspiration from lofi, blues and contemporary sounds. The textures have a dusty feel while the thick bassline and progression piano arrangement gives it quite a soul-gripping feel.




adym – “introvert”

adym takes us deep into the mind of the “introvert” in this instrumental. The track starts off with an atmospheric synth pluck, rich guitar riffs and an ethereal pad with sparse drums and rises into a crescendo as the moody bassline comes into play. Overall, this track is emotionally gripping and sublime in many ways.



Fallen Roses x evän – “it will never be the same”

Mexico and Spain team up respectively as producers Fallen Roses and evän bring us much-needed calm with their new collaboration titled “it will never be the Same”. The solemn tune is quite soothing and melancholic in many ways. From the sad piano keys, moody strings to the soft textures, listeners would surely feel emotional while rocking with this one.



strewing x Starburst Records – “Skylines & Daydreams”.

strewing and Starburst Records temper our souls with “Skylines & Daydreams”, a chilled and relaxing tune that makes use of mellow pads, rich synths with soft drum grooves.



Jetfueljayy x BrandonLee Cierley – “on the road”.


Jetfueljayy and BrandonLee Cierley are “on the road” and they allow us to tag along. The lofi-soul tune has elements of jazz with its rich blaring horns, warm pads, head-nodding grooves and sombre guitar riffs. The track is also peppered with vocal samples from legendary NY group MOP. Sounds weird on paper but those adlibs fit in just nicely.



Steven Lamar Moore x Ethan Chilton – “KHEMO”.

Steven Lamar Moore and Ethan Chilton deliver this splendid head-nodding tune “KHEMO” to us and it’s only fine to share it. The track is a superb blend of jazz, lofi and soul. The laidback pads, rumbling drum grooves and blaring horn pass all work perfectly together.


bad at math. – “empty heart.”.

bad at math‘s “empty heart.” is a solemn and reflective track that is made up of sombre piano riffs, atmospheric pads and soft guitar licks underpinned by hushed drums and subtle sound design as well.


vhskid. x Lawrence Walther – “Footsteps on a Path”

We go something new from vhskid. who teamed up with Lawrence Walther for this superb track titled “Footsteps on a Path”. The track is primed with lush and atmospheric textures, solemn piano riffs and rich guitar plucks that add an extra emotional depth to the track.


BaoBao – “Far Niente”.

German producer BaoBao continues to marvel at our ears and on his latest effort titled “Far Niente”, he delivers a heartwarming and soulful piece that gives life to the list. The laidback key progression, solemn textures and soft drums all come together like white on rice.


Sly Wes – “Drive Me Wild (Instrumental)”


LA-born and raised instrumentalist/producer Sly Wes pops up on our radar with this eclectic beat titled “Drive Me Wild (Instrumental)”. The track is a mix of live guitars, atmospheric samples and thumping drums to match. It’s quite vibrant and has an off-kilter feel as well.


The Event Horizon – “Midnight”

North Carolina-based producer The Event Horizon takes us deep into “Midnight” and helps close out the playlist. The use of classic drum breaks, lofi textures and jazzy keys and arrangement is pure brilliance.


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