Hip-Hop as a culture and movement is 40 plus some years old. Pretty much one of the youngest genres out there that started in the 70s and is still waxing stronger to this day. Fast forward to the 2010s where the focus on the youthfulness of the genre is at an all time high and the older generation (with a bunch of exceptions) usually gets sorted to the background. This situation however is not grim as the older emcees are not losing steam or sight of their hip-hop responsibilities, we still have the Masta Aces, E-40s, Raekwons et al churning out solid records.

Straight out of Mississauga, Ontario comes the emcee known as  Es. In his bio, he states up front what inspired him to take up the pen which he does effortlessly, the golden era where hard beats and even harder rhymes was the path to glory. As a grown man, he is beyond the usual and sometimes unnecessary tough guy characters often portrayed by some emcees and what he gives us on his new album “We Are Only Getting Older Album” is pure grown folk stuff

“We Are Only Getting Older” is a reflective album that explores the mindset of a 40 year old in today’s youth driven landscape. With the landscape being both hiphop and life, He speaks on the joys and pains of both from the perspective of a proud family man and hiphop enthusiast.

Filled with passion and thought provoking lyrics over hard hitting production sourced from different parts of the globe, this 17 track offering goes out to the fans of mature, substance based hiphop content. Features on this project includes IV The Polymath, Pure Fact, Jee, Nasr Beny, Wyze Intellect and more.

Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (suburb of Toronto), Es is a student of hiphop. Inspired by golden era hip hop, Es makes a conscious effort to take it back to the essence of hip hop…hard beats and raw rhymes. After years of honing his craft, 2015 would prove to be his best year with a win for best urban artist at 2015’s Toronto Independent Music Awards. The future looks bright for Es.

Get “We Are Only Getting Older Album” via the links below.



Stream the single “Adult Rappers” below

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