Entendres and Wffls have teamed up for a 7 track body of work titled Lost On Purpose. The project is a solid blend of insightful and experimental raps that dive into different topics far from the norm.

From the brooding intro track “Uncle Allen’s Ghost” to the reflective “Dolorous Echo,” the duo gives listeners a glimpse into their minds. The lyrics are unapologetic and untethered as seen on cuts like the somber “Escape Language” and “Decisions.”   Another cut that stands out is “Livestream.” A laidback soulful cut is ripe with heavenly guitar riffs, soft drums, and introspective lyrics that dive into the dynamics of living in this global pandemic.

Lost On Purpose is pretty cohesive and delivers the goods with beats that fuse boom-bap, lofi with contemporary elements while the lyrics ae thoughtful and somewhat off-kilter in a somewhat relatable manner.

Stream Lost On Purpose on all DSPs here


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