We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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J Ravage – “Armored Lizard”



Producer J Ravage closes out this week with “Armored Lizard” a synth-heavy trap beat that bursts the speakers with crunchy kicks and snapping snare drums.

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CamPackman – “Cycle”

CamPackman‘s “Cycle” is a moody instrumental ripe with solemn keys, crunchy drum breaks and woozy basslines. It slowly builds as well and keeps the listener locked in as it progresses.




The Making – “New song snippet: Watch Your Step (EP)”

Australian producer The Making shares  a sound snippet from his upcoming “Watch Your Step (EP).” It’s a moody lo-fi jazz vibe with boom-bap drums to match. Quite engaging.




A Man Who Works Alone – “Apple”


A Man Who Works Alone shares “Apple,” a summer-tinged beat ripe with nostalgic textures, punchy drums, and lush guitar riffs. A perfect chill or study-type instrumental for listeners to rock with.

Is Seven A Gang – “DREAMFLARE”

Is Seven A Gang is a remote music project made up of UK-based producers and their new single  “DREAMFLARE” caught our ears. The guitar-driven piece is ripe with pulsating synths and thick basslines peppered by punchy drum grooves to match the energy.

The group was birthed during the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in social distancing measures in the UK. The producers were virtually introduced to each other by friends and colleagues, met a few more times online, then got to work. By sharing musical ideas over the internet back and forth over a number of months, the project ‘Gang day’ was created and was released on the day that lockdown measures in the UK were due to be lifted.

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Onymico – “999”

Onymico taps into his SP404sx bag to bring us “999.” The track has crunchy drums, dark and trippy sound designs with a whole lot of changes and switch-ups.

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Groove. – “Much2Cool”

Groove.‘s  “Much2Cool” is a midtempo soulful jam ripe with surgically chopped vocal samples, soulful cuts layered over crunchy boom-bap drum grooves. I do love the changes he makes as it progresses, it’s very engaging and well-crafted.




80 – “Input”

80 drops “Input” which is the 11th beat in his weekly beat challenge series. The production is as punchy as ever while the textures are ominous and have a cinematic feel.


Wffls – “Luvagain”

Wffls thrills us with this punchy soulful beat titled “Luvagain.” Bolstered by the soothing and reflective strings, alluring vocal chops and summer-tinged textures, the producer delivers the goods in copious amounts. “Luvagain” is the fourth and final single from Wffls’ anticipated upcoming instrumental album, Thanksluv: Pure Maple Vol. 2, which will debut worldwide next Wednesday, August 11th.

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L-AD – “Back Home”


L-AD goes “Back Home” with this eclectic and off-beat production. The beat is sparse but punchy and the solemn textures also add to it.

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Spokenword the Emcee – “Urban Shaolin”


Spokenword the Emcee showcases something different with his new beat titled “Urban Shaolin.” He employs a moody piano loop, booming 808s and crunchy drums to good effect.




Johnboybeats – “Drift”

Johnboybeats comes through the list with “Drift” a mellow guitar-laden beat ripe with a pulsating bassline and lush keys over solid drum grooves.

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The Making – “Got my arms”

Emerging Australian producer The Making shares his new beat titled “Got my arms,” the beat is punchy and makes use of a nicely chopped soulful sample. Not many changes occur but sure gets the job done for the most part.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Thief In The Night”


DaMarcus VanBuren‘s “Thief In The Night” is a piano-laden beat with punchy drums. Not many changes occur here but it gets the job done.

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KURXMA Beatz – “It’s The Why For ME”


KURXMA Beatz dives into his R&B bag on the new single “It’s The Why For ME” which is ripe with smooth alluring textures and punchy drum grooves. It’s pretty catchy and melodic as well.


Mark PM – “On The One”

Michigan-born, Toronto-based DJ/ promoter /producer Mark PM gets into the lab to offer us this new beat titled “On The One.” A cinematic guitar-laden beat ripe with punchy drums, off-kilter sound designs, and horn stabs. It’s taken from his Inversions EP.
Mark PM and Stereo Ferment are putting 100% of the Bandcamp sales from the first month of Inversions into The Prisoner Emergency Support Fund. The fund was started by the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project and the Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project, two of Ontario’s grassroots prison abolition organizations.  Get it on SoundCloud



Steve Nguyen x aekasora – “Onsen”

Writer, director, and producer Steve Nguyen and aekasora team up to bring us this smooth soulful beat titled “Onsen.” A blend of lofi elements, jazz music, and punchy boom-bap drum grooves.


Phil N. BeBlank – “The Tape Machine”

Indie producer Phil N. BeBlank showcases a vast array of production techniques on his new release “The Tape Machine.” A blend of cinematic samples, vocal samples, and off-kilter sound design peppered by dynamic arrangement. So much to unwrap but really hits the mark. “The Tape Machine” is the lead single from the PV2 LP, Analog Out. A collection of songs that were produced with their analog integrity in tack for much of the recording process.




Phatbrane – “Chill Up”

“Chill Up” by Phatbrane is a chilled, relaxing beat ripe with dreamy and somewhat moody textures layered over soft drum grooves. The switch-ups and sparse approach do make it engaging and different. It was Co-produced by Phil N. DeBlank and Phatbrane and taken from The Tester EP.

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Decovan – “Say Yes”


Decovan closes up this week’s list with the bouncy soulful beat titled “Say Yes.” Over smooth textures, soft drum grooves, and mellow basslines, the track sure packs a punch

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