ENTENDRES debuts “Hemingway” single off three forthcoming EP’s. The expressive lyricist delves into the realm of pressing societal issues, political deceptions, and other injustices that currently flood our world.

ENTENDRES is unapologetically raw in his deliverance highlighting metaphoric agendas including killer drafts, praying to angry gods, incarcerated bribes, artificial flavoring, and irreversible brain damage, just to pinpoint a few. “You don’t know shi*t anyway, one man alone ain’t got a blood chance any day, study advance one day to quote Hemingway.”

ENTENDRES ignites his lyrical blaze over worldly soundscapes that transcend into classic Hip Hop beats and pulsating bass, which knocks in tempo with the rawness spewed from ENTENDRES. Stream “Hemingway” and connect with the artist below.

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