Uprising Arizona-based rapper Emmitt Dupree is not new to us and has delivered quite a handful of versatile releases over the years and now he tops it up with this 2 single release titled Pick a Lane Pt.1. The title is an intentional dive into his skill as a versatile artist and from people imploring him to pick a lane. Emmitt takes heed and decides to deliver two solid joints that showcase different musical styles and gives listeners a mix of vibes that they can choose from.


The release starts with “Stepson”, a bravado-laden track made up of a cinematic brass stab and hard-hitting trap drums and underpinned by Emmitt’s off-kilter flow and a smooth memorable hook to match. He takes charge with his vivid storytelling and description of his trajectory and movement in the game. He sure doesn’t leave any stone unturned as he leaves listeners with a declaration as follows “And if you ram into this goat, you’re sure to come to a halt“. This is followed by “Non4Real”, a chilled and reflective track that sees him teaming up with CJ Fly (from Pro Era fame). The track is made up of a moody vocal sample and ethereal textures laced over head-nodding drum grooves. As promised, Emmitt switches up his style with a soul-stirring melodic performance ripe with heartfelt and relatable lyrics like “Losing your wealth not worrying about your self/Can’t be around discipline, that is what you despise/Either you could be delegating or hella hating/Either do it for entertainment or for elevation” and continues to drop some more gems for listeners to grow on. He is joined by CJ Fly who comes through on the last verse to close things out. I must add, Emmitt Dupree sure delivers some interesting things with this 2 piece release and it will appeal to lovers of music from across the board. As for me, my favorite is “Non4Real” but both songs slap.


Stream Pick a Lane Pt.1 on all DSPs here.

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