Elyonbeats is back with a new project with lyricist Kharisma. If you recall Elyonbeats took an hiatus after dropping Milestone but hey I’m glad he’s back on the boards. The LP Mirrors is  mellow,reflective,humorous and emotional. The soundscapes vary from boombap,piano driven jazz-hop, a lot of 90s ish elements so to say. On the vocals, Kharisma brings a whole lot of energy onboard,quips about personal struggle, self discovery done in a serious, sometimes humorous manner kinda creates a balance needed to keep the listener enthralled.

Mirrors” is a collection of songs that have been compiled to reflect a journey of self-discovery. It tells the tale of an individual in search of themselves, as they are met with many common experiences that occur in the life of an everyday person. Each song was created with the intent to relate with the listener, in the hopes that they will hear these songs and realize that we are not so different from one another.

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