Producer Audiohope drops his debut project “Light In The Sea” under the aegis of Roots Of Society. The posse is known for having a myriad of producers/emcees under their platform with Audiohope being the newest member.

Light in the sea is a 17 track jazz influenced body of work that blends elements from various sources. The mellow, mind relaxing vibe of this project is the core focus of the producer. soothing, ethereal and fun from start to end.

“Light in the Sea” is Audiohope’s debut release with Roots of Society Records. Consisting of 17 jazzy hip-hop / soulful instrumentals that will definitely bring some joy to your ears. As always we appreciate the support from all of you guys,
so thank you!

released 01 June 2015

All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Audiohope
Distributed by Roots of Society Records

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