Canadian hip-hop artist EdwOrdS shares the new single “Ether” alongside his first EP titled Low Key EP. The track is the intro to the EP and recounts his journey thus far and blends it with bravado. Over the smooth somber soundscape, he gives listeners a glimpse into his life and his rap prowess. In “These walls” he employs a moody backdrop to paint a picture of being stuck in the trap and cycle as crated by the powers that be. On “Soul Food” he teams up with Spitty for a solid bar-heavy track. The project ends with the laidback and reflective tune titled ‘Culture”, he muses on being a black man in a world where things don’t quite go as planned due to the melanin and shows us how things can spiral out of control. The features are few and the other feature includes producer Bobo.The.Outlaw ,who appears on “Forever Love”, a heartfelt love-soaked tune made up of melancholic piano riffs and evocative songwriting.

EdwOrdS is an emerging rapper hailing from Brampton Ontario.

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