Ed E. Ruger teams up with Blind Fury and Fish scales (of Nappy Roots fame) on his latest video titled You Ain’t Built Like This. The song serves as a prelude to Ruger’s upcoming album Guerilla Grind pt 2.  The project boasts features like Guilty Simpson, Wax and of course Blind Fury and Fish Scales. Hit the play button and get with the program.

*Free .mp3 download: HERE

As Rakim rapped nearly 30 years ago: “To me, MC means move the crowd.” And that sentiment remains true in the hearts of rappers like Ed E. Ruger, who proves in his rowdy new “You Ain’t Built Like This” video that he definitely knows how to command the stage.

Throughout the visuals, directed by LGi Dope Films, Ruger makes his elder Hip-Hop statesman proud by killing shows and spitting dexterous, battle-ready bars. And he’s joined by a pair of equally talented acts—freestyle legend Blind Fury and Fish Scales (of Nappy Roots)—who do serious damage to J. Narley’s booming instrumental. Making the cypher complete is Phillie Phresh, who delivers the dizzying cuts on the chorus.

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