Whoa indeed. Earl Sweatshirt is back ladies and gentlemen, and in full force. Since his music started getting hyped about two, three years back, a lot of people were claiming that he is the best young rapper of all time (best rapper releasing stuff anyway), but as we know he was infamously shipped away to Samoa for a while and we didn’t hear much until he returned a couple of Febuaries ago. It’s taken a while to get something steady from him but damn, Earl Sweatshirt is flawless on ‘WHOA’.

A single from his upcoming album Doris‘WHOA’ is like a random assortment of different things, a kinda pulp fiction if you will. It might just be one of the dopest tracks I’ve heard in a while too. The beat provided by cohort Tyler, The Creator (who unmistakably also features on the hook) is not without its charm but it’s pretty dope and a little crude. You’ll find yourself not listening to it though when Earl drops his lyrics. The dude must have one of the best flows I’ve ever heard and that year he spent in Samoa has improved his content to no end. The visuals for this are pretty funky too. The best bit of output from Odd Future in a long time.

Tyler’s album ‘WOLF’ drops beginning of April and hopefully Earl Sweatshirt’s drops not long after – the video says it’s “coming soon”. With his appearances with Flying Lotus and down at the Low End Theory he should have a powerful list of people he can call on production, so let’s see where it goes from here… You might find yourself revisiting Earl in the meantime.

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