Winter has arrived and E.Cole I provides a first-person account of the typical situations encountered when snow is in the forecast. Set against an old-school hip hop track, E.Cole I’s humorous rap lyrics are highly relatable to a vast audience. The verses are broken up with vocal chops and vinyl scratching effects in the chorus. This right here is a lyric video of the song so you can picture what he is saying sort of.

E.Cole I is hip hop producer (or beatmaker, whatever you want to call it) who has recently decided to write and record rap lyrics to his self-produced instrumentals. Having spent the last few years engaging in online beat sales to rappers regardless of their talent, E.Cole I felt little fulfilment in a system that heavily favours quantity over quality.
E.Cole I started rapping and producing in the mid-2000s as a member of a small town Connecticut-based rap group. During this time, he developed a unique ability to poke fun at relatable topics through rap songs and videos. After the group disbanded by the end of the decade, the producer cum rapper went the college-career-family route and in recent years produced under the pseudonym, Hit Me Beats before realising the name was rather corny and difficult for listeners to connect with. 
E.Cole I’s production style predominately caters to the indie and underground hip hop scene, as his beats feature front-and-center drum sounds. By combining his production and lyrical abilities on the same tracks, he can broadcast a fuller picture of his creativity.
Stream this song on multiple DSPs here then go follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Checkout his website also.
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