Toronto emcee/songwriter Dynesti is the type never to shy from expressing her thoughts as honest as possible and on her new track and accompanying video “Real in the Field.”  A visceral track that taps into her pain and deepest emotions and cuts deep into the matter. Dynesti brings apologetic and unfiltered energy over the smooth backdrop and lets the world know that while she has challenges to face, she is more than capable of surviving and coming out unscathed.

The video is really cinematic and broody with its gloomy aesthetics that is inspired by the world of The Matrix movies. Dynesti uses this to tell her story and experiences in and out of Toronto’s homeless shelter and the industrial complex system built around it. Dynesti uses the blue pill concept to depict the vain reality she has been fed by society, and the red concept to show what exists within the harsh realities of the shelter system. We get to see a different view of life from the bottom of the rung and how that can shape an individual for better or worse. However, Dynesti focuses on how it definitely can make you stronger once you have the right mindset and totally encourages everyone going through the same situation to arise and fight for positive changes.

This music video is brought by Dynesti in partnership with Street Voices, a media source that provides a platform for homeless and at-risk youth to have their talents showcased professionally.

Check out “Real in the Field” on Soundcloud below.

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