Dutch singer Juliet July makes her way across to our site with this heartwarming and uplifting single titled “EASY.” A soothing R&B infused record that showcases her smooth vocal style peppered with earworm melodies and a positive message to boot. Juliet July breathes life into the listener’s soul as her warm vocals reinforce the positive message of being courageous as one follows his or her dreams. It is hard enough as is for creatives, entrepreneurs and such in a world where the stakes are high and everyone has an opinion or negative remarks that don’t benefit the movement or add to the progress meter.  “EASY” focuses on the positives and casts the negative thoughts to the side and pushes the listener to take the bold step towards achieving their goals.

The video shot by Momentum Production, follows the singer across the South African coast and within a magical forest just on the outskirts of Cape Town.

“EASY” is the follow up single to “Sunday Afternoon” and both tracks are taken from her upcoming Palmtrees In The Mist EP.

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