At last… Ever since Circulate dropped back in Spring I’ve been looking forward to this release, a follow up to the first collaborative effort ‘carpe’. D/Will serves up some dope beats and Larue lays down a fair claim to suggest she’s one of the best female MCs around right now. This release is MAD dope.

Eight months after organically assembling diem., D/Will & Dominique Larue felt like the less pressure, the better. After knowing each other for five years and developing a musical chemistry with Larue being in Ohio and D/Will being in Missouri, following up their 2010 EP, carpe. (presented by could only come at ease. diem. certainly has a relaxed undertone with Ms. Larue showing her emotional struggles on songs like I’m Good and telling vivid stories on The Boulevard. They were also able to capture a lighthearted Larue on Make Love/Make War and her a little cocky on But I Will. Regardless, the goal is satisfy the listener with a multitude of ideas on 7 tracks with the privilege of not skipping a track.

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