Dustin Moore has been featured on Word is Bond Rap Radio several times over the past few years. He was a huge supporter of the London, ON. hip-hop scene when he called the forest city home. He was featured in the very first CHRW Radio Western Cypher series, was a finalist for album of the year in 2015, and performed countless shows.

Now, he really needs our help. This isn’t about music. It is about his life.

His brother started a GoFundMe page for him and let us know about the horrible accident he suffered last week.

Dustin was hit by a car on his motorcycle last Saturday and we don’t know if he’ll ever be the same man again. On his way to work, he was safely going straight through the Yonge and Davis intersection in Newmarket when he was hit by a left turning car. He is currently in an induced coma at the Critical Care Unit at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Physically, both his legs are broken, his hand is shattered, and his skull is fractured. He has several broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. At this point, we are just so thankful that Dustin is alive, as not everyone may have been so lucky.

He got out of surgery to set his broken bones yesterday, and the doctors say that it is likely he will recover physically with intensive therapy and perseverance. However, we have no idea how severe the neurological damage is. We are still waiting for him to be healthy enough to wake up as there is significant bleeding in his brain, and the extent of Dustin’s brain damage is uncertain at this time. What is certain is that the next months will be a trial to leave the hospital, and the next years will be a struggle for physical, neurological, and emotional recovery.

He is being supported by his father Daryl, and his brothers Zack, Tyler and Russell to the best of our means, but we know that he will likely require more than we are able to provide. If you have the ability, we hope that you can help us support him in this difficult time. Any donations you provide will go directly to Dustin to assist in supporting his recovery. If you do not have the means to donate financially, we only hope that you can give him your positive thoughts for his ongoing recovery.

Thank you for your time in reading about Dustin. If you would like any other information or a location to send cards or well-wishes, please contact Zachary Moore at [email protected].

Here is the cypher video he was featured in.

You can also find his music on Soundcloud.

And here is an episode of the radio show he appeared on.

Support Dustin by donating here – https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-dustin

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