Yo whats going on people. well this week you can probably tell I’m following a little bit of a theme here at the moment, last week was KMD so as some of you may know the two groups were label mates as well as collaborators so it seems natural for me to do a post on them. I also have another reason for doing so. I recently had the privilege of watching the new Tribe Called Quest documentary, this brought me onto think about the whole Native Tongues movement of which Brand Nubian were members, as well as many others. So over the coming weeks its going to be an absolute Native Tongues fest here at ‘Drop On A Classic’ so keep your eyes peeled. Right usual drill on my post game a nice bit of history about the group then a nice meaty stash of sampling information on the group, so sit back relax and prepare for your eyes and ears to get a full dose of information.

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Brand Nubian is an American hip hop group from New Rochelle, New York, consisting of three MC’s: Grand Puba (born Maxwell Dixon, on March 4, 1966), Sadat X (formerly Derek X, born Derek Murphy, on December 29, 1968) and Lord Jamar (born Lorenzo Dechalus, on September 17, 1968), and two DJs: DJ Alamo and DJ Sincere. Its debut album, One for All is one of the most popular and acclaimed alternative hip hop albums of the 1990s, known for socially conscious and politically charged content inspired by the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths.

Brand Nubian formed in 1989 after Grand Puba’s original group, Masters of Ceremony, split up. Its first single, “Brand Nubian,” was released in 1989. Signed to Elektra Records by A&R man Dante Ross, its debut album, One For All, was released in 1990. Generally acclaimed, the album drew fire for militant Five-Percenter rhetoric on tracks such as “Drop the Bomb” and “Wake Up.” The controversy helped sales, although the album was still not a great commercial success. To date, the album has sold 350,000 units. A version of the Fab Five Freddy-directed video of the single “Wake Up,” featuring a Black man in white-face makeup, was also banned from MTV. On that channel and from official WEA sources, this image was replaced by a Baptist preacher. The singles “Slow Down,” “All for One,” and “Wake Up” all became hits on Billboard

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